Property Taxes

The course will cover areas that practitioners encounter when dealing with clients with residential and commercial property interests.

Topics covered include:

  • Problem areas in the rental computation
  • When to claim relief on furnishings
  • Joint tenants or tenants in common?
  • Allocating rental profits between property owners
  • When to use declarations of trust and Form 17
  • Common issues
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IES 8 for Partners

International Education Standard (IES) 8 – Professional Competence for Engagement Partners – is a standard which is always on the agenda for ICAEW and ACCA inspectors. Responsible Individuals (RIs) are required to evidence competence in a number of areas on an ongoing basis. The standard centres around a set of competencies that extend well beyond

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VAT Update

The course will cover recent case law and HMRC announcements affecting practitioners together with areas where practitioners commonly encounter problems

Topics covered include:

  • Recent case law and HMRC announcements affecting practitioners
  • Registration issues – UK and overseas
  • Common output tax liability errors
  • Input tax recovery on directors, staff and freelancers costs
  • Business entertainment and subsistence issues
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Effective Analytical Review Procedures

Analytical procedures may be performed throughout the audit, at planning, fieldwork and completion stages. They are an effective audit test in obtaining further audit evidence for various sections of the audit and in forming an overall conclusion as to whether the financial statements are consistent with the auditor’s understanding of the entity. This seminar will

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What Makes a Good Audit Junior?

An audit junior is required to understand the fundamental principles of an audit and the relevant audit assertions. This seminar, targeted at those with up to two years’ practical experience, will provide participants with a range of  practical tools to develop their skills and competence in the field.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the audit assertions and
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The Auditor and Fraud

The pandemic has focussed many auditors on fraud risk – how to spot and how to respond. This short session will give audit teams a practical insight into the sort of frauds that can happen in small and medium-sized entities and how to address them during the audit. Topics covered will include:

  • The fraud triangle
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Property Accounting Issues

Most practitioners act for clients that have some accounting issues relating to property. Many act for professional landlords, property traders or property developers. Most other clients will own or rent property – which create their own accounting challenges. This session will look in depth at all the relevant issues and consider solutions in the event

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Audit Sampling

Audit sampling is an effective and efficient way to perform audit testing whilst satisfying the auditor’s objective of providing reasonable assurance on the population from which the sample is selected. This seminar will highlight the key principles in using and applying sampling in audit testing.

Topics covered include:

  • The objective and key concepts of audit sampling
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What Makes a Good Audit Senior?

Audit seniors need to develop excellent analytical and personal skills, as well as having good technical knowledge. This seminar, aimed at those with 2-3 years’ experience, will provide participants with a range of practical tools enabling them work effectively and efficiently in the audit field – and help develop their skills in managing audit juniors.


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Small Company Accounting in Difficult Times

The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the changing landscape around Brexit has created huge uncertainty for some businesses and given rise to accounting challenges not previously encountered by accountants, auditors, or indeed standard setters. This session tackles some of the common accounting challenges facing small companies and provides a practical insight into current thinking and best

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