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Finance and management development programmes for business professionals.

Core Topics
Live Online CPD Seminars

Public CPD Seminars

Insight Training has teamed up with a number of well-known speakers to bring you a variety of CPD training opportunities.

Financial Technical Training

Financial Technical Training

Our core offering includes UK GAAP, IFRS, audit and assurance, company law and anti-money laundering.

Financial & Commercial Awareness Training

Financial and Commercial Awareness Training

Our aim is to boost participants’ confidence and ability when using financial information to make sound commercial decisions.
Business Skills Training

Professional Skills
and Coaching

With our background in professional and financial services, we have a unique insight into the business skills required by our clients.

Independent File Reviews

Independent File Reviews

We provide feedback on steps that we feel could help you to improve audit quality and efficiency.

About Us

Achieving excellence in tailored finance and management training

Insight Training provides financial technical training in UK GAAP, FRS100-102, IFRS, audit and assurance and anti-money laundering alongside financial and commercial awareness training and business skills courses throughout the UK.

We engage with our clients to understand their businesses and work together to achieve excellence and impact. We strive to perform to the highest standards and deliver high quality, fit for purpose solutions for our clients.

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Our Team

All of our team members have a wealth of experience in the financial training world. We work with a small team of trusted associates, handpicked because of their subject matter expertise and superb facilitative style. All are committed to our core principle – to make training enjoyable, relevant, engaging and long lasting. Our ability to work with our associates ensures you get the best trainer to meet your precise needs, in your preferred location. It allows us to deliver large scale training programmes across multiple sites.

ISQM (UK) 1 - a big challenge for audit firms

ISQM (UK) 1 represents a big challenge for UK firms to develop a system of quality management (SOQM) that is tailored, risk-responsive and transformational. The requirements took effect from 15 December 2022 with an annual review required on 15 December.

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Our business has been built around trust, integrity and training capability and experience. We listen carefully and advise on solutions suitable to your business, budget and learners’ needs. We believe we can make every training experience relevant and memorable, developing the skills of the individual, which translates into maximum impact in the workplace.

We work in partnership with all of our clients to listen carefully to their issues and provide a fit for purpose solution. 

Why choose Insight Training?

‘We are genuinely passionate about our subjects. We seek to engage stimulate, challenge and inspire everyone that we train. Most importantly we listen to your needs and strive to provide the solution that you actually need, and to make a real difference.’

Our core values – we are:


We undertake all our work with energy and enthusiasm and strive for continuous improvement.

Client Focused

We actively listen and engage with our clients to understand their business and work together to achieve excellence and impact.


We aim to be fair and transparent in all of our dealings. We build trust and act with integrity and honesty. Our programmes are clear, practical and relevant.


We strive to perform to the highest standards and deliver high quality, fit for purpose solutions for our clients and colleagues.