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15 December 2023

How Authentic is Your Leadership Shadow?

Are you a leader in your firm? Even if you’re not a managing partner, or partner at all, chances are you are a leader to some […]
5 July 2023

Understanding Yourself and Others – Personality Styles

In this month’s vlog, Nicky Clough discusses personality types and different styles working together within a team.
11 October 2022

How to Become a Good New RI

In this month’s vlog, Nicky Clough discusses the CPD and IES 8 requirements when becoming a new audit RI.
12 September 2022

We’re all different … and that’s a good thing!

Have a glance at the words below: ActionChallengeSupportResultsEnthusiasmCollaborationStabilityAccuracy If you were to pick a few that might be used to describe you, which would you chose?  […]
5 July 2022

STOP – why less is more

We are running an increasing number of skills courses right now.  We always seek to make these practical and useful as possible and there’s no better […]
17 May 2022

What Makes a Good Audit Manager

The role of audit manager can be a tricky one; managing the RI on one hand and the rest of the audit team on the other, […]
17 May 2022

Coaching moments

In this month’s vlog, Nicky Clough discusses coaching, delegation and team development.
10 March 2022

Delegation – the importance of setting clear expectations

How to delegate well is always a key topic on our management skills courses. It isn’t always easy to delegate, people may be reluctant.  That reluctance […]
7 February 2022


In February’s vlog, Nicky Clough discusses common team issues firms are currently facing, including staff retention and team dynamics.