New quality management standards (ISQM 1 & ISQM 2) will be effective in the UK from December 2022 and even for small firms there will be work to do during 2022 to prepare for implementation.

This need not be daunting though – Insight Training can help. We have a range of resources that will help you get to grips with the new requirements and more will be added to this page over the coming weeks.

Insight Training’s ISQM Conference
How we can help
ISQM Resources

Here are some resources to help you prepare for the new quality management standards. We will add more resources to this section of our website over the coming weeks and months as more resources become available so keep checking back to access these.

  • Click here to access the standards themselves. It’s important to read the mandatory requirements and the application guidance but they’re easier to digest than you think.
  • The IAASB has produced a long but very helpful first time implementation guide. It’s packed with practical examples and good ideas about scalability for smaller firms. Click here to access it.
  • Why not attend Insight Training’s ISQM half-day ISQM conference on 6 May? During this session Peter Herbert will be joined by ISQM experts Jeremy Williams, Edward Rands and David Gallagher who will give their perspectives on what firms need to do to comply. Click here for more information and to make a booking.
  • For many firms an important starting point for implementation will be a risk assessment. If you want more information on how Insight Training can help with this, contact