Nicky Clough
Nicky CloughDirector, Business Skills Programmes
Nicky is the Insight Training Director with core responsibility for business skills programmes. More

It is widely acknowledged that being an effective modern finance professional requires much more than a technical qualification. Our clients require their people to be effective communicators, presenters, leaders, managers and team-players.

A focus on these essential areas will ensure you can give the best level of service, support and advice to your clients and customers as well as growing your business.

Core Topics

Insight Training Business Skills Core Topics

We have over 50 years of combined experience as directors, senior managers and business owners. Together with our background in professional and financial services we have a unique insight into the business skills required by our clients.

All our programmes are tailored specifically to the client’s needs and can combine any topic or any elements of the core topics below:

  • Business Report Writing
  • Team dynamics
  • Motivation
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Working effectively & time management
  • Networking
  • Essential business etiquette
  • Building rapport
Case Study

Case Study: Aptus Training / Insight Training, “Getting your Message Across” - ACCA and Man Trucks

mantrucksWorking with the ACCA we were asked to put together a one-day bespoke workshop for Man Trucks.

Written communication and report writing was identified as the training need but our conversations with the client established that there was an opportunity to work on other forms of communication.

The workshop explored how the finance team could better communicate with a range of stakeholders in writing and face to face. A wide range of topics was covered including audience analysis, preferred personality styles, email etiquette and presentation techniques. A key focus was dealing with difficult situations and how to handle conflict.

“Many thanks for the course – it was very useful to us”

Course Delegate, ACCA and Man Trucks