GDPR – a more practical approach!

GDPR – a more practical approach!

There are lots of blogs and press releases about GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) at the moment. Here’s our take on how the new regulations, coming into force on 25th May 2018, will affect small accountancy practices.


What is data?

It’s worth mentioning straight away, that this regulation covers personal data

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More Questions about FRS 102 Section 1A Disclosures

In a blog in March, I discussed some of the disclosure issues that small companies face in respect of directors’ remuneration when applying FRS 102 Section 1A. Here are 10 more common questions about Section 1A disclosures:

1.   Why do Section 1A disclosures prompt much more discussion than FRSSE ones did?

Many feel that straightforward compliance with FRSSE disclosure

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New UK GAAP – Making the Case for FRS 105

A very common question from practitioners on courses about new UK GAAP at the current time concerns the choice between FRS 105 (the new standard for micro entities) and FRS 102 Section 1A (for small entities).

Some are reluctant to advise their clients to apply FRS 105 if it means that two different standards are both

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