Financial Awareness for HR

Our client in the financial services sector needed a programme to help its HR and support department staff improve their financial awareness. Specifically they wanted them to understand and appreciate the issues their customer facing colleagues were dealing with. A series of two hour workshops was delivered over a number of weeks, engaging participants in

May 27th, 2015|

Risk and Financial Control

Following a financial fraud, our client needed to build financial awareness and highlight risk assessment and control -a hugely important area, though one that can be dry. An interactive case study was delivered, based on the real business. This allowed participants to work in multi-disciplinary teams and

May 27th, 2015|

Improving Financial Awareness

Our client, a card acquirer, wanted its fraud team to understand the fundamentals of business and accounts. Participants were experts in investigating card fraud but needed to also be able to understand fraud triggers and poor financial control in the merchants they dealt with. A

May 27th, 2015|

Credit Skills for Bank Relationship Managers

To assess the credit worthiness of their customers, relationship managers need to understand their customers’ business and sector and to analyse financial and management information effectively. Our programmes use a blended approach, combining pre-course, online and workbook learning and practical workshop application.

May 26th, 2015|

Building and Managing Budgets

Our client, a major UK charity, needed its senior care workers and service managers to engage with budget setting and management. Appetite and interest in the area were lacking. A highly practical and interactive case study day was designed so that participants could actively engage

May 26th, 2015|

Practical Problems of FRS 102 Implementation

The implementation of new UK GAAP over the past years has been a challenge for many finance professionals working in both industry and professional practice. Our transition workshops have ensured a less stressful transition for delegates. More recently, workshops have focussed on the practical challenges

May 25th, 2015|

Budgeting, Planning and Cost Control

Our client, an educational body, was implementing a new system of budgetary control. A programme was developed that explained the fundamental principles of budgeting, planning and cost control and gave participants the opportunity to practise using a bespoke case study.

May 24th, 2015|

Anti-Money Laundering and GDPR Workshops

All accountants working in professional practice must comply with the 2017 Money Laundering Regulations. We have run a number of bespoke workshops for practice clients which have used practical case studies to explain how the legislation affects them, focussing in particular on client due diligence

May 23rd, 2015|

Accounting for LLPs

Although LLP accounts are based on general principles of GAAP, they can be tricky. We have run a number of courses and workshops which provide an overview of the legal framework which affects LLPs and then go on to explain how to prepare a set of SORP-compliant

May 22nd, 2015|

Accounting for and Auditing Academies

Academy schools are a relatively recent phenomenon, which are governed by very detailed accounting and audit regulations. We have delivered a number of in house workshops for accounting practices who prepare and/or audit academy school accounts. Key elements of the programme have included the Academies Accounts Direction

May 22nd, 2015|
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